Monday, December 5, 2016

The first batch of overseas

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Rombongan pertama dari luar negara
Nazri Muhammad and his entourage of 50 City of West Sumatra Indonesia and Malaysia Bentan exponents of the Association.

KUALA PILAH - In order to enhance ties with the culture of the Malay Festival City District 50 West Sumatra Indonesia, a visit was carried out at the residence of harmony Undang Johol 15th, Datuk Johan Pahlawan Lela Perkasa Setiawan, Datuk Muhammad Abdullah, in the village of December, here.

Friendly visits, led by chairman and founder of the Welfare Association offspring Bentan Heritage of Malaysia, Datuk Nazri Kamal.

Nazri said 30 members of the Association Malaysia Bentan entourage of culture and tradition of grandfathers District 50 City West visit to establish relationships with Undang Johol.

"This is the first time delegates from abroad to residential Datuk Law Johol 15th, since he was the grandfather of trouble.

"We are pleased at the willingness he received the group of descendants of Archives Bentan and District 50 City West.

"Indeed, unity, work together to preserve and maintain harmony and good relations between the two countries have enjoyed over the years.

"We need to continue the legacy as a coating so that spaces can be countered early disintegration," he said.

In fact, according to him, seven of the 12 tribes that are in common with Indigenous Perpatih District 50 City West.

"We want to continue to uphold Indigenous culture Perpatih not only in the eyes of the people here, but in the village of District 50 City West because we have something in common.

"Recently, in order to nourish the culture of both sides, the association has organized a Feast of Art Malays in Batam involves the combination of the archipelago on 25 November until 27 November, also Charity Concert otai to combine artists from three countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia in Seremban, "he said.

In the meantime, he added, the Welfare Association offspring Bentan Heritage was established in 2012.

"The main goal of the association to bring together young Bentan, lifting Admiral Bentan and Malay descent.

"Not only that, we also emphasize charity and upholding the culture of Malaysia and Bintan in the Riau Islands, Indonesia.

"Various activities and charity work as well as the culture has been conducted specifically to bridge the network density among the Malays Bentan grandchildren even where they are," he said.

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