Sunday, December 18, 2016

Giant Human Remains Discovered frame

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MALACCA: A historian claims to have found human skeletal remains believed to be gigantic in a cave on the island of Huta situated on the coast here.

Mohd Fuad M. Said Khusari elected state government to find a new historic heritage site, said he found a few bones with some of them exposed on the surface of the land on the island of Huta.

He also discovered two graves incredible size of about 1.2 kilometers outside the cave.

Grave measuring about 5 meters (m) long and 0.5m wide, it is 15m and 20m from each other.

"I have reported this discovery to the authorities because we have no right to dig up the site without permission," he told The Star on Saturday.

He said the discovery could prove the allegations of the early inhabitants of Melaka including during the Sultanate has a gigantic body structure.

Historians who experienced 10 years in the study of archeology, said, based on the size of the skull and long bones, the remainder of the others can be between 3m and 5m long.

Mohd Fuad said length corresponds to the size of the skeletal remains of the tomb of Sultan Ariffin and seven brothers heroes on the Big Island.

"There is no excavation work in any area of ​​the grave, but the story of the early inhabitants of gigantic still remains a myth.

"However, research on these latest findings could help prove or disprove allegations that the giant-sized human being in Melaka a while ago," he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Institute of History and Patxiotisme Malaysia (1KSEP), Prof Datuk Dr Mohd Jamil said the grave believing that bigger than a grave in modern times.

"This may be due to their size are buried or it built larger than usual as a tribute to them for spreading the teachings of Islam in the world," he said.

He said the island was a base Huta religious preachers from Java to go to Port of Malacca to spread the teachings of Islam to the residents and merchants in the 15th century while the large tomb on the Big Island's mostly those coming from Yemen.

Malacca Chief Minister Datuk Seri Idris Haron said he was informed of the latest findings in Huta Island.

"Yes, we have commissioned the historian was to provide facts about historical sites unexplored and research being carried out on the latest findings gigantic tomb," he said.

Idris said he had been informed that the villagers from the mainland has placed a tombstone on the grave of the last few years.

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