Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Hybrids actor Cause Relationship Neelofa & Fattah Amin Cracks

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Fattah Amin and associated Neelofa had a love affair after they starred in the drama series Heart of Mr. Suri Pilot. Photo Courtesy Instagram Neelofa.

KUALA LUMPUR: Relationships and actor Neelofa Fattah Amin finally cracked when the actor was said to have a love affair with another woman who is an actress of mixed blood.

Neelofa or Neelofa Noor Md Noor, 27, said he was disappointed after learning the news but take the approach of not elaborating.

"It is not fair that I review this matter without Fattah or third person here and do not want it to be so misunderstood and worsen the situation.

"I know this story, but I regretted the way I know the news of this indictment in a way that is not good," he said.

Neelofa met at a press conference after his appointment as the ambassador of the People's Bank Card Muslim women held in Bank Rakyat Twin Towers, here, Tuesday.

He said the claim of a third person who caused the broken relationship with Fattah Amin.

The latest women associated with Fattah said to be an actress of mixed blood.

Add Neelofa, he refused to dwell on those things that only disturb his focus in his career.

Meanwhile, commenting on her relationship with actor partner in the drama Housewife Mr Pilot's Watch, Neelofa said it was quite complicated to explain.

"We started meeting since acting together and stay friends with him as long as we act with.

"Fans also loved and wanted me and Fattah directly related. It was not easy because I have to think a lot of if you want to give a statement about our relationship.

"But what I can say now is complicated our relationship," he said.

In the meantime, Neelofa says he can be professional supposing they are paired again in a drama.

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