Monday, December 5, 2016

Dani Rani acted almost 100 radio drama

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Azhan Rani
Azhan Rani

EXCEPT active acting for drama and film, and is also known in the theater, many may not know, Dani Rani also an actor radio drama.

In fact, up to now this versatile actor has starred in almost 100 radio drama, such as Si Tuah moonshine, Loyalty A Hero, Istiqamah A Love, sapphires and other Satria.

His first involvement in radio drama began in 2004, at which time its intention just want to try and at the same time want to know how to do radio drama.

"I used to also follow the radio drama, but never thought to be involved in radio since the beginning of my involvement as an actor more active in theater and then to a TV drama.

"However, in 2004, I got an invitation to perform in a play radio drama from one issuer RTM radio drama, Zuraida that when it happens to come watch me play theater, Floor T Pinkie.

"Starting from where I got to know and then fell in love with the radio drama acting for me is actually more difficult than acting in another medium," he said of the show for the first time in radio drama alongside Datuk Jalaluddin Hassan.

According to Dani, although the payment received for radio drama starring TV drama is not as high, but obtained satisfaction above all else.

"Maybe there are thought to act on the radio very easy because we just need to throw the voice only, but in fact it was radio drama is the most difficult because whatever necessary expression in a character that can only be described by voice only.

"So someone has to be creative actors to the audience's imagination to describe what is happening in the scene and success in doing so is a great satisfaction for the actors," he said.

Back on acting

Meanwhile, Dani is currently busy on the set of the 26-episode drama, I'm on your side that will be aired on RTM soon.

Meanwhile, another drama acting like Waris Village outrage Rice, AH Senja Di Ufuk, I'm Not Angry, Inayah, psychopath and Lime Yellow Create Puteh also waiting time broadcast on TV.

"Thank God I'm back on acting after a short pause to honor the passing of my father, who died of thyroid cancer on Aug. 21 at which time I spend time with family.

"At the beginning of his disappearance, I really could not concentrate on the work that I had to reject some bids as not to burden others with an incoherent situation I was," he admitted honestly.

Although disappointed that no joint when the deceased breathed his last due to the demands of work, Dani remained thankful that could keep spirits during his lifetime.

"He started out of hospital since the beginning of the year and start from there I took turns with her guard when in hospital until the end of its life.

"During that period I spent time with the spirits that were so familiar to him than before which we can not always be together because my career is not necessarily the moment," he said, which will come with the latest film, The Ghost Mental Hospital.

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