Friday, December 16, 2016

Provide workers, rickshaw pullers auxiliary motor

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 Sediakan insurans, beca bermotor bantu penarik
Md Anizam (right, top spot) is celebrated by a rickshaw puller in Tennis Art today.

KOTA BARU - The state government is trying to focus on a rickshaw puller will provide insurance protection, rickshaw service in the hotel and motorized rickshaws.

Chairman of the Committee on Culture, Tourism and Heritage Minister Datuk Md Anizam Ab Rahman said the three businesses was still being considered to help the rickshaw puller.

"We will organize some charity for disadvantaged rickshaw puller especially those with many children and the house uncomfortable.

"The state government also plans to provide insurance to every paddler scheme involving several of its age, is the youngest 25 and the oldest 55 years for protection to the rickshaw puller," he said.

He was speaking after presenting aid to 28 rickshaw pullers in Council Day with Beca involving financial assistance of RM100 each trishaw and food items worth RM100 each.

Md Anizam said, it is now also in talks to increase the income of a rickshaw puller to allow their services in hotels including participation in the program permanent mooring of the Royal and pedaling in Pasar Siti Khadijah.

"To attract young riders, we are also keen to provide a motorized rickshaw service in Acheh, Indonesia and currently we are discussing this matter with the Road Transport Department (JPJ) state.

"We think the speed of the moving rickshaws and so far there is a battery operated rickshaws.

"However, we want to let the services performed commensurate with the income, that is why we are working towards motorized rickshaws, after all, we believe, young people would be interested in becoming a motorized trishaw rider," he said.

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