Thursday, December 15, 2016

Meet dead dolphins

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Jumpa bangkai ikan lumba-lumba
Che Ramli lifted carcasses of dolphins were stranded near APM lookout tower in Bukit Keluang Beach. Image right: The carcasses of dolphins rarely seen stranded on the coast of this area.

ROYAL VILLAGE - Traveler Bukit Keluang beach resort near here, were surprised by the appearance of a dead dolphin found washed up on the coast at about 5 pm, last week.

Beach Rescue Civil Defence Force (APM) Besut, Che Ramli Mohd Nor said the incident knowingly and people after seeing a dead fish washed up on the beach oversized face APM Beach lifeguard tower.

He said he and four members who were on duty in the tower was going to see the black-colored fish species.

"When he was approached by a dead dolphin weighing 40 kilograms were believed to have died several days earlier.

"I do not know the cause of death but there appeared signs of injury on the bottom of his body but it was smelly," he said.

Che Ramli said the visitors took the opportunity to see the dead fish from close view of rare species can be seen.

He said he was informed that this is the first case of dead dolphins were found stranded in the area since the tower was built there in 2008.

"The wreckage was brought before the waves washed ashore," he said.

He said the last time the dolphins had ever seen officers APM on the surface in the tower between the coast of Pulau Rhu Bukit Keluang in 2008.

"After that catch the fish were not seen again until the wreckage of the species found stranded on the beach.

"I put the dead fish to avoid the stench as the beach is the focus of thousands of visitors every weekend," he said.

Meanwhile, the population of this area has been shocked by the incident carcass of a whale stranded on the beach Beting Lintang, near here, last January.

Whale carcasses weighing 1 tonne bulldozer that had grown near the carcass was found.

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