Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Eating a meal together at what netizens

What say you on the issue below?

Kajian: Lebih ramai suka makan sendiri
Study: More people like to eat their own meals alone now has become like a hobby because it is more convenient and saves time.

SHAH ALAM - Following a study conducted showed that many people prefer to eat alone has invited mixed reactions from netizens.

Previously, in a study made by OpenTable, an online restaurant reservation over the alleged number of persons booked dinner for an already increased by 62 percent since two years ago.

They found that eating alone is no longer ignore the views of this and much more comfortable as have more time for yourself and be free to make choices.

Some netizens who support the study claimed that more convenient and saves time.

Facebook users, Noor It admits that he often ate alone and not feel awkward about doing so.

"Yup, I was always eating alone, there is no single thing that is important but actually do not feel shy or awkward, so myself alone," he wrote.

In addition, for Muhammad Zahid, she feels more fun when you eat alone in the shop than eat together with friends.

"Eating alone again best, quickly exhausted. If you eat with friends is a slow meal.

"One more thing, if you eat a meal themselves can choose where to go shop, if the friends I have to follow their taste as well," she commented.

For Junaida Live, if you eat alone makes him enjoy his food and rest long in the store.

"If you eat with friends, sometimes they have to take the time or make them go anywhere, if alone, can go willingly want to eat how long it is," he wrote back.

However, there are also netizens who denied the claim bahawamakan abuzz with tent-friend or family member more enjoyable.

Facebook users, Amo Riusgnal claimed when dining with friends makes her appetite improved.

"I like to eat together, when there are friends that the food was hearty, if not best to eat alone," he wrote.

Meanwhile, Yong Fatimah, when dining with friends is important they all know their own pay.

"It's fun to eat with friends as long as they know their own pay," commented another.

For Pazeley Mustafa, he followed the Sunnah to eat this mass.

"Sunnah if eaten together, but if no friends are forced to eat alone," he writes.

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