Monday, December 5, 2016

Python slipshod sex victims

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Ular sawa tak sempat baham mangsa
BRO members with youth village held a giant python was caught yesterday.

ROYAL VILLAGE - A six-meter python caught Owners Club team of Reptiles Besut (BRO) after the giant snake that killed a goat in the village of Guagua, here, yesterday.

Chairman of the BRO, Zulhelmi Nik Nik Mohamad said he and his friends managed to catch the snake assisted villagers about 5 pm near a house in the village.

According to him, batik python weighing about 200 kilograms (kg) unknowingly kill a goat breed boar by the owner of the goat at about 2pm.

"Two hours later the new residents to contact me, then I rushed there with friends. Upon arrival we found the people were watching the snake.

"Snakes female has not had time to eat a goat carcass killed and it took us about 30 minutes before being caught," he said.

SFC alleged that, the snake is relatively weak when trying to arrest reliable injured body as the snake struck people as rather aggressive in the beginning.

He said he understood the snake tried to attack (bite) people who tried to arrest forced the residents to act.

"This snake is estimated to be 20 years old and out of their habitat to forage in the settlements in the area plus many bush flooded in the rainy season.

"We bring the snake to be treated by putting it in the water. Thank God the snake has recovered and back overnight aggressive, "he said.

According to him, the experience found a snake that was injured will recover after his body put into the water.

SFC alleged that, the snake will be submitted to relevant authorities for further action.

He added that efforts to catch snakes that disering do BRO including snakes overnight just another agency's help if they are contacted by the public.

"We are not to take the role of rescue agencies like the Malaysian Civil Defence Force (APM) or a fireman but merely help as there are among us who have experience and knowledge about these reptiles, including venomous species.

"During this year more than 20 snakes of various species have been arrested after missing the club members to ask for help," he said.

Nik Zulhelmi told, the objectives of the club is to create awareness among the people to love reptiles including snakes venomous or not.

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