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Ayda Jebat bear great responsibility

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Ayda Jebat
Ayda Jebat.

SIX years ago, he was just an ordinary girl who try staking talent available through the program's ninth season of Akademi Fantasia.

But his pace in the program were halted early when it was announced as the first player to be eliminated.

However, his spirit does not stop there.

Owner's real name Jebat Nur Suhada remains determined to pursue artistic careers including participating ventured into acting.

And today, all the hard work, thistles mines encountered a very worthwhile with what he has now.

Not only known by all levels of society, the name Ayda Jebat also known in Singapore and Indonesia to qualify trophy Artists Most Popular Anugerah Planet Muzik 2016.

Not only that, the 23-year-old girl also become ambassadors for a variety of well-known companies such as Oppo, Gintell, Celcom, Aura White, Sephora, 100Plus and more.

"Thank God I was feeling overwhelmed and could not believe what I achieve now

"I am grateful to the media, family, fans, managers and management companies who never tired of supporting me.

"While the media, the fans are not related by blood but they sincerely support me.

"I hope, all will continue to support because we are not big industries where mutual respect is necessary and artists and the media also need each other," he said friendly sister express themselves.

Add Melaka-born, he realized, in spite of what he had today, he bears a great responsibility.

"When we recognized, cherished through numerous awards, so the greater our responsibility.

"So I wanted to make sure, acting and singing I will increase time after time.

"Although my schedule was packed, I'll make sure I can improve the quality of my work because my time is limited for me to attend classes singing or acting," he said when met at the launch of the latest single Naughty Naughty Naughty and video clips Thieves Hearts version dangdut College KDU university.

Share the latest developments, Ayda says she is now busy promoting the invitation of the product.

The first film starring role, Lend My heart will be screened after the festival next year, and Ayda will also begin filming his latest drama for broadcast Acacia in early January.

In addition, he also recently merakamkam Thieves Heart song dangdut version, including its music video, which target the markets in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Not only that, he is also busy promoting her third single, Naughty Naughty Naughty.

"Songs are created by Irwan Simanjuntak of Indonesia and we did have a long talk. But its equally busy, so we both forget. Until the TV station to ask for then I remembered.

"Due to time constraints, we almost canceled their plans to record a third single.

"But above all seriousness including Irwan, the song successfully produced in the last five days, including the composition of melody, word art and recordings.

"Even if produced in a short period, but we still maintain quality," he said, hoping the song will rival the popularity of the song Thief of Hearts.


Selentara the stars began to shine through her role in the drama Love You 200% was also offered a scholarship to continue studies of KDU University College.

The university offered the scholarship inform Ayda due to outstanding achievements in the field of art in addition to its versatile talents.

However, according to Ayda, he is still considering the appropriate course and find time to study.

"I was quite surprised when the management informed the KDU offered me a scholarship.

"The offer is valid for three years and I am free to choose whatever cost and whenever the time to start," he said.

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