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Diversify investments to increase retirement savings

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Rau - Those who remember the old days definitely makes financial planning, but inflation and the rising cost of living continued to imprison them when they retire.

Public opinion does not significantly affect inflation while they are still working because their impact is offset by salary increases though not much.

According to Basri Mohd Basir, 33, he invested in gold as commodity prices strengthened, although sometimes there are ups and downs.

"It's as if you retire the stock as a guarantee for the future of my family.

"Since my retirement savings is not much, my wife and I had to make the best design so that we do not regret in the future," said Assistant Administrative Officer at Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) told Bernama.

Mohd Basri believes, gold as a commodity like insurance because there is not much affected by inflation than the value of paper money that can be experienced persistent inflation.

He said inflation is the economic situation that made life difficult in the event of rising prices of daily necessities or continuous service while not increasing revenue.

"The money saved will be consumed (depreciation) by inflation and cause the purchasing power decreases. For this reason I chose gold as a store," said Mohd Basri.

He said that in the last six years, he had bought a few gold ingots and coins on the thrifty with his wife Nurfarina Amron, 32, married in 2013.

Some of the money spent is given to parents to enable them to perform the umrah, said Mohd Basri who has a daughter aged two.

Mohd Basri said he also make savings by buying one gram of gold per month for children from birth to not have to make further education loans.

"Cash or stored gold can also be used during an emergency," said Mohd Basri. He said among the responsibilities after marriage is to provide a comfortable living for families and provide education to the needs of children.

According to some of the gold purchased will be used to pay a deposit to buy a house costing RM300,000 within two years.

"It took me a long time in order to minimize the loan with the bank did not want to be burdened with a lot of debt and a long period to be settled," he said, adding not easy to discipline themselves and manage finances well.

He said that young people in particular should be wisely manage their finances and make investments based on an appropriate risk assessment.

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