Monday, December 5, 2016

EPF savings vanished

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Jertih - An elderly man claiming social security contributions Employees Provident Fund (EPF) amounted to approximately RM8,000 though he had lost out.

Pensioners involved, Sadina Zakaria, 78, said he was aware of the matter after examining pieces of contributions in EPF Branch Office Jertih here at 10am on Thursday.

According to former employees of the Office of Survey and Mapping Kelantan, now he found balance in your EPF account is empty after his money issued twice in 1990 and 1993.

"In 1990 a total of RM2,500 was issued. Three years later RM5,500 were issued by certain parties.

"Since serving as a public servant for 20 years until retirement in 1985, I have never done any EPF withdrawals.

"Since I received a monthly pension of the past I do not care very much about it because I thought that contributions may be no contribution until told by a beneficiary that I have a contribution," said the resident of Kampung Padang Bual, Hulu Besut.

Zakaria said if the money is still there and dividend for the last 26 years is certainly the contributions already reached tens of thousands.

In this regard he asked the EPF to review and investigate the matter and he demanded the parties responsible for the loss of his money.

"All production is not done by me and now I ask the authorities to revise how EPF withdrawals can be removed and unidentified others," he said.

He was accompanied by his son, Mohd Khairul Amin Mustafa, 43, made a report about the incident at the police station overnight Pasir Akar.

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