Monday, December 12, 2016

Cabinet oppose tyranny Myanmar

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Jemaah bantah kezaliman Myanmar
Peaceful protests by pilgrims Masjid Kampung Charok Puteh held after Friday prayers.

BALING - Jemaah Masjid Kampung Charok Puteh, here, in protest against tyranny and oppression of the government of Myanmar to the Rohingya Muslims in the country.

The sense of humanity, the congregation held a peaceful protest after Friday prayers led by Imam Masjid Kampung Charok Puteh, Rashid Sudin.

The set began with a prayer by the cries of Allahu Akbar Rashid before the participants chanted.

Coloring sets, a variety of paper inscribed urged the Myanmar government to stop the killing.

'Stop killing Rohingya' and 'prayer for the Rohingyas' between written word.

In fact, the word 'OIC please act immediately', which refers to the order of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation also presented the participants in the rally.

Rashid said the protest was to deliver a message to the government of Myanmar to immediately stop the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya is happening.

"This set is to defend our fellow Muslims who raped and murdered by the Myanmar government.

"We have the Masjid Kampung Charok Puteh strongly oppose unjust action on Myanmar Rohingya Muslims," ​​he said yesterday.

He said the violence in Myanmar is not impossible happen in this country if problems happen Rohingya ignored.

"We fear the situation there spread to the country, if there occur such as how the fate of parents and children.

"Son opponent can not afford, so pray that the whole Islamic world safe from the chaos, in the Hereafter, every Muslim will be asked what action to help their brothers and sisters," he said.

Rashid said all the people in this country should learn from the humanitarian crisis taking place in the country.

"All people should be united, despite the difference in religion but it is not an obstacle to mutual respect for all," he said.

Meanwhile, Bilal 1, Mohd Noor Manas said that such pressure will continue after this.

"This is the beginning, the mosque would create even greater protests after this," he said.

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