Monday, December 12, 2016

'Not many non-Malays'

What say you on the issue below?

‘Tak ramai bukan Melayu’
Roslan (left) with three of the best soldiers (from left; Ahmad Fariz, Hazipi and Subhie

RMAF chief General Tan Sri Roslan Saad said the situation it caused no further information regarding his career with the RMAF.

"Indeed, we are somewhat worried, not Malays do not get the RMAF. Actually we thank anyone. But it is possible for non-Malays, they put less hope.

"It is a good career in the RMAF. Technically, it's all good salary. In addition, their participation will also be an opportunity to explore the field of aerospace.

"However, so far we have always received support from Sabah and Sarawak to join us," he said.

Roslan said this at a press conference in conjunction with the Passing Out Parade of Young men RMAF Series 55/2016 at the Parade Square of Air Force Training Institute (ITU) Ipoh yesterday.

At the parade, Roslan presented awards to three young lieutenant best in category involves a Young Soldier Best Overall Mohamad Hazipi Zolkipli, 23, who also received Trophy Chief of Air Force, deeply regrets Ahmad Fariz Tupandi 24 (Young Soldier Best Academic) and Noor Subhie Noor Indra, 22 received an award as the Best Young Soldier shooter.

It is understood that a total of 377 young soldiers (345 male and 32 female) Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) Series 55/2016, may be celebrated on parade after successfully completing successfully completed basic training Young Soldier (PJM), conducted over 24 weeks, starting July 1 then.

Meanwhile, according to Roslan, all young soldiers would be absorbed in various areas of their expertise in the RMAF involves engineering, material, administrative and flights.

However, he added, they will undergo a basic course that may run for six or nine months before undergoing further training.

"Every year we would take no more than 400 members.

"We will also take them qualified, have the expertise to be incorporated in the technical, air traffic and the material that requires high skills," he said.

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