Monday, December 12, 2016

Darussyifa services to non-Muslims'

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Bukan Islam guna khidmat Darussyifa'
Some graduates and participants Darussifa attend the convocation yesterday.

KOTA BARU - Not only Muslims, but non-Muslims also engaged Darussyifa Islamic Medical Centre '(Darussyifa') of its disruption.

Chairman Darussifa Malaysia, Abdul Rahman Ahmad said, reading the Quran rukyah practiced while performing the trust and confidence treatment to patients.

"The existence Darussyifa 'brand medication that is also known in Islam among non-Muslims, including the Chinese who come to the service after a friend recommended them to restore the disruption.

"Interestingly, we read the verses rukyah, while they can not read, but can only practice what we recommend including the use nabk," he said.

He was speaking after attending Graduation / Graduation Fourth Darussyifa 'which was attended by Director Darussifa Kelantan, Zaki Yes, attended by 315 nurses, including 120 graduates receiving treatment in respect Islam yesterday.

Abd Rahman said it was difficult to determine the percentage of non-Muslims appear impregnated with Darussifa, but practically every day patients come from other races treat disorders suffered.

"Based on experience, after being treated, with the permission of Almighty GOD, it had a positive impact and are usually non-Muslims who came to bring their families to the same treatment.

"Not all diseases can be cured with modern medicine, whatever counsel, it should be with the permission of Almighty GOD, and at present, about 227,000 patients seek treatment in Malaysia from Darussyifa '," he said.

He said, with more than 10,000 members Darussyifa nurses 'across the country, it will develop the association regarding the holding of the Cooperative and the Foundation Darussyifa', will also set up institutions of higher learning (IPT) for degree and diploma programs in the fields of Islamic treatment.

"We have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Selangor International Islamic University College (Quiz) and several other universities will follow suit," he said.

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