Monday, December 12, 2016

PVTTB committed dropbox help

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PVTTB komited hulur bantuan
Mohd Zaki (right) and Major Muhd ​​Aman Shah (third from right) listen to stories Sulong who accompanied his wife, Mahani Mahmud, 58, in his contribution.

Kuala Terengganu, - non-pensionable Military Veterans Association (PVTTB) State urged military veterans who have not yet joined the association in order to be registered, to ensure their burden.

President PVTTB Terengganu, Mohd Zaki Mohd Ali, 58, said he believes there are still many veterans who have yet to register with the association.

According to him, their failure to register as a member of the association of veterans is likely to make it difficult for them to accept all the facilities provided to former soldiers.

"For those who still have not joined the association, we hope to do so. To increase the number of members and strengthen (association) also. If all veterans joined the association, many of the benefits obtained and their fate will be taken care of.

"We are very committed to helping military veterans are not pensionable," he said.

He was presented with a bed mattress and other necessities to one veteran soldiers, Embong Sulong, 63, from Kampung Paloh Sheikh Zain suffering from chronic kidney disease.

Also present were the Director of the Department of Veterans Affairs branch of the Armed Forces of Malaysia Kelantan and Terengganu, Major Aman Shah Muhd ​​Alias ​​and Deputy PVTTB, Shariff Yasim.

   Sulong who is the father of four children, who retired as a driver in 1988, will now have to undergo dialysis three times a week.

 Mohd Zaki said, there are still jobs that are not registered with the association, but they have not registered still get help if they get the report and information about them.

Any inquiries can contact him at 013-9317221 or Deputy PVTTB, Shariff Yasim 013-9262034.

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