Thursday, December 22, 2016

Amyra Rosli: Status wife is not an obstacle

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Amyra Rosli: Status isteri bukan penghalang
AFTER two months of vacation to focus on her wedding, the beautiful actress, Amyra Rosli admitted back now busy dictating his artistic career.

Although she is a wife, Amyra however never makes such status as a barrier to keep active in his artistic career.

"Both before and after marriage, Amar has never stopped or imply that I should leave the acting to focus on households," he said.

Amyra said, art is their livelihood and there is no reason for him to stop, sementelah husband was always supportive.

"Although she is married, me and Amar will work as usual and there is no different. What is important is whether I even Amar must keep the boundaries as a wife or husband," he said.

Recognizing faces is so crowded work schedule, especially before 2017, said Amyra, he and Amar try their best to manage time.

"I'm lucky to Amar very understanding and supportive in whatever I do, especially involving career.

"We have agreed to try to avoid work on weekends except for things that need to be alone.

"GOD willing, I will try to schedule as possible to ensure that we can spend the weekend together," he said.

However, according to Amyra, he and Amar will ensure the planned schedule does not bother others.

Learning vocal

Actors who are warm with Mr. Ihsan Wife's drama, has just come up with his second single, Love We invention DJ Fuzz.

"Single is quite special because my song duet with her husband and has to do with our story.

"I did not set any target for this song as the first single first. Let the fans themselves who assess whether or not they like the song," he said.

However, admit Amyra not be complacent otherwise indicated to improve the quality of singing with vocal learning.

"I was not born to be a singer but absolutely no knowledge in the field of singing, so I have to do more with vocal learning and so to enhance their knowledge in this field.

"I know we have a lot of great singer and did not think even want to be like them, but I made this initiative is for yourself," he said, still studying the vocal with Amelia AF.

Besides busy with art activities, Amyra also are beginners in business and has just been appointed as the co-founder of the project JenamaSendiri.Com cosmetics factory.

"Thank God I regard this as sustenance after marriage and at the same time see it as an opportunity to gain new experience ..

"I agreed to co-JenamaSendiri.Com because they see positive mission that would help entrepreneurs who like to be more successful in the field of cosmetic business," he said.


JenamaSendiri.Com is a pioneer in the manufacture of cosmetics and No.1 manufacturer in Malaysia that produces a variety of local and international brands.

As an artist who has a charming personality, Amyra election as co-founder of this project is to attract the attention of Malaysians, especially Malay entrepreneurs to venture into cosmetics that are currently thriving.

"I will assist in the marketing and promotion to inform the public about the advantages of this project, which will help those who are interested.

"GOD willing, someday if there are things I intend to go into this business because from once again I was quite excited with cosmetics," he signs a contract for a year.

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