Friday, December 16, 2016

Lift dignity spinning tops

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Angkat martabat permainan gasing
Spinner is a game that heritage should be preserved and maintained to prevent the passage of time.

FELDA kemahalan RIVER - Noting that the top has its own attractions across the ages, the Association of Kampung Felda Sungai Gasing Cross has taken several initiatives to popularize the traditional game.

Its chairman, Mohamed Shaipudin Baba said that he had organized various competitions cross top as one of the attractions people to pay a visit to the village.

"People of all ages come to see for yourself the uniqueness of spinning tops, thus can unite people in this area.

"We believe that if the competition had actively organized, traditional games can be retained and introduced us to the hotel.

"This is the most effective steps are taken to preserve and popularize the heritage of this cross top," he said.

According to him, he admitted the game was more comfortable and less play, especially with the advancement of technology nowadays.

He said that a top is not just a game to pass the time but a lesson about life.

"Playing a top teaches us many things, among them a spirit of cooperation and the importance of looking at the matter from the point of the range," he said.

In the meantime, expect Shaipudin top game can be accepted more at the international level.

"I want to see this game being one of the events in the Malaysia Games (Sukma) and the Southeast Asian Games.

"On this day, not only Malaysia that there is unity tops, but many other Southeast Asian countries are already developing their respective associations.

"If other games such as sepak takraw, petanque, lawn bowling and other sports can be played on it, why can not top ?," he said.

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