Saturday, November 12, 2011

Planking enthusiasts get down to it for Halloween

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PLANKING enthusiasts recently experienced planking at the Red Box, Sunway Pyramid on Halloween during the “Fri”GHT Nite Planking Event organised by OMG Paradise.

Harvestnet Sdn Bhd director Nyou Wei Fung said the event was held to create hype and promote this new fun activity of “planking” in Asia.

Planking is an act of throwing flat one’s body on the floor to resemble a wooden plank, hence the term.

The whole idea behind the OMG event was for people to plank at various places no matter how incongruous the locations were and take a snapshot of it.

Face down: Planking enthusiasts planking upside down on the staircase at the Red Box Sunway Pyramid.

“The OMG Paradise Facebook Sharing Community organised the ASIA challenge, with the aim to generate excitement and inspire Asians to come up with creative ideas to plank, yet plank safely.”

Participants were required to “plank” and take a photo with their most original poses and unique ideas.

From the buffet area to the Red Box counter, on the pole structure and even upside down at the staircase, enthusiasts came up with creative ways to plank.

The event, which was co-sponsored by Fanta soft drink, was attended by over 50 planksters.

Besides the opportunity to plank anywhere within the outlet area, there was a group planking done with the participation of over 30 OMG Paradise community friends.

“I love planking because it inspires me to be creative,” said Lee Wen Shin, one of the participants at the event.

The planking photos were then uploaded to “OMG Paradise” Facebook page to be eligible for the Asia challenge, where the top five finalists from participating Asian countries will be flown to Taipei, Taiwan for the grand final round.

Participants will be competing with other Asian friends to stand a chance to win cash prizes over US$1,000 (RM3,000).

Nyou expects more than 100 entries.

OMG Paradise will be organising more activities related to their main focus, Triple F categories which are fashion, food and fun.

Defying gravity: A planking enthusiast should be able to park their body anywhere even at an awkward angle.

This month, there will be OMG Deals! for the food category, in which the QR Code Food Vouchers will be introduced to the community.

“We love sharing, there are many fun people out there who like to share with the community, and we would like to build this community.On some social networking sites, it is all about ‘myself’.

“We hope to provide a platform where people can share their products, collections, or even skills,” he said.

Citing examples where people earn money while doing fun things such as travelling, Nyou hoped that Asians could do so too.

He plans to launch a free software to enable the online community for e-commerce, combining the fun factor and money-making element.

“Youths today, while having the entrepreneur spirit, lack the means to make their dreams materialise.

“We will provide a platform for people to sell and advertise their products or services online, there will even be job opportunities,” he said.

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