Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bouquets in hot demand

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SEVERAL florists in Penang are enjoying brisk business in conjunction with today’s special date: 11.11.11.

Some feng shui practitioners believe that this date with six lucky ‘one’s signifies that life partners would bring luck and good fortune to each other.

They claim the date is considered the most auspicious of the 21st century, when the pillars of heaven and earth are in “perfect balance”.

One florist shop, Modern Classic Floral, coincidentally received 111 orders for bouquets for this day — mainly for marriage registrations.

“This is significantly higher than what we received last year on 10.10.10.

Busy as bees: Flowerseries florist workers checking on the recently arrived flowers under the supervision of Mohd Rizal (second right). The flowers will be used for wedding bouquets and also the decoration of the wedding venues.

“We are burning the midnight oil until 3am to fulfil all our orders,” said Mark Tan, 40, who operates the business with partner John H’ng, 38.

Asked how he felt about the Chinese calender which states that the date is not particularly auspicious for weddings, Tan said it was not a significant issue.

“We just have to make sure that we prune off all the thorns, if any, from the bouquets, as the old folk believe that flowers with thorns will lead to marriage problems in future,” he added.

Seah Chin Eng of Eden Floral & Gift Centre said: “This is a very ‘hot’ date for weddings, as it would be easy for the couples to remember the anniversary.”

Arcadia Florist owner Vivian Lim said she did not only receive orders for weddings, as some companies also took the opportunity to celebrate their anniversary on this date which only comes once every century.

Blossom Wedding Gifts Boutique business partner Karen Loh said her company was setting up a booth selling traditional wedding items during a mass marriage registration ceremony at the Penang Chinese Town Hall.

“Many Chinese couples are also choosing this auspicious date to get married because they want to try and get ‘Dragon’ babies next year,” said Loh, who is also expecting a baby in February.

Flowerseries Sdn Bhd employees were busy preparing for three wedding orders for flowers and decorations at a hotel, a heritage building and a church.

Manager Mohd Rizal Abu Bakar, 38, said a couple placed their order from as early as last year for this very special date.

“The flower supplies are scarce at this time around so, besides Cameron Highlands, I opted to import some special flowers from China, Taiwan and the Netherlands such as the Phalaenopsis, Hydrangea, Freesia and Cymbidium Orchid,” said Rizal, who brought in extra help to cater for the massive orders.

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