Saturday, November 12, 2011

Parents and teachers role crucial

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JOHOR BARU: Parents and teachers must work hand in hand and play a pivotal role in helping to develop a child’s future.

Johor Unity, Human Resource, Science,Technology,and Innovation Committee chairman M. Asojan said it was important for parents to give the best education to their children from a young age.

“At home, parents should play the main role in educating their children on what is right and wrong and should not rely solely on the teachers at schools.

“With the advance in technology, children are becoming smarter and parents should guide them and not let them be influenced by negative elements,” he said.

Winning toddlers: Asojan (back row, second from left) taking a group picture with kids from Tadika Kampung Abdullah from Segamat who won the best performance category during the state level Tunas Permata Perpaduan 1Malaysia at Giant Hypermarket in Tampoi on Wednesday.

Asojan said this when he officiated the state level Tunas Permata Perpaduan 1Malaysia on Thursday.

He also said that teachers should be more sensitive to their student’s abilities and skills.

“Teachers should understand that each student has different abilities.

“It is important for teachers to know the advantages and disadvantages of their students and the weaker ones should not be left behind,” he said.

He added that every parent could afford to send their children to kindergarten as the fee imposed by the department was reasonable.

“Currently, Johor has about 181 Tabika Perpaduan statewide with 4,500 kindergarten students of different races.

“The department has also requested for an additional 10 more such kindergartens to be built in 2012,” he said.

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