Sunday, January 8, 2017

Husband Lamar Ainan Tasneem After Month Make

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Ainan and Ariff introduced after arranged by their friends. Instagram photo credit @photosymptom & @ ainantasneem92

SHAH ALAM: Ainan Tasneem singer said he received an application from her husband, Mohamad Ariffudin Mohammad Swaimi only after long acquaintance.

Ainan Ainan Tasneem or Ridzuan, 25, said he was open minded to accept the proposal after Ariff come meet with her family than she has the characteristics sought for in a man.

"We dated for five months before getting married but after a month I introduced him to apply to become his wife.

"When I say to her to see her family and family Alhamdulillah already agreed with my choice.

"I was attracted to it because we Intro very simplified but he has characteristics that I look for in a man," he said.

Ainan met at the persandingannya held at Hotel Blue Wave here on Saturday.

Earlier, Ainan and safe Ariff called husband and wife on Friday evening in the marriage ceremony held at Masjid Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah here at 5.50 pm.

The couple will honeymoon in Bali, Indonesia.
Ainan received a dowry of RM300 while the dowry amount kept confidential.
In the meantime, Ainan said he never pray when Ramadan umrah at the end of last year that brought together a mate with a man who has a nature like his father.
Ainan said, he considered his meeting with Ariff two weeks after returning to work on it as his prayers were granted worship God.
"I became acquainted with Ariff after returning Umrah and that was after we were introduced by our friends.
"When I found out he began to recognize not only a good but has attributes like my father but they share the same birth date.
"My prayer to meet a mate with someone like my dad, and it seemed he would pray God also make me easy to accept.
"I often pray and do prayer Istikarah Thank God for guidance and strength to our mate overwhelmed dais," he said.
In another development, Ainan said he decided to leave his singing and that decision has actually been made before meeting her husband again.
However Ainan said, he is open if there is an artist who wants to get his songs.
"I made the decision that it is because of their own accord and thank the family and the husband also fully supported.
"I will not leave the field of art but will more fully to the work behind the scenes and create songs for other singers.
"In fact, I am also open to accept any offer of hosting but I will appear in the program Lift It Up as host for the RTM soon," he chose Bali, Indonesia for a honeymoon.

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