Tuesday, January 10, 2017

150,000 Chinese tourists expected in Malaysia during CNY

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ABOUT 150,000 Chinese tourists are expected to visit Malaysia during the coming Chinese New Year, reported Sin Chew Daily.
The number of Chinese tourists for this Chinese New Year is expected to be more than 20% to 30% compared to last year, it reported.
Apart from Klang Valley, the tourists planned to visit other states including Penang, Pahang, Perak, Johor and Sabah, according to industry players.
Malaysia Chinese Tourism Association president Datuk Albert Tan Sam Soon said there would be more Chinese tourist groups heading to Malaysia after the festive season.
> A boy became the centre of attention when he brought a carp instead of ornamental fish to his kindergarten in Cixi, China, reported the same daily.
The kindergarten teacher had asked the children to bring ornamental fish to observe their movement in the class.
As his classmates brought their ornamental fishes, most of it goldfish, in a small aquarium, the boy brought the carp – on a plate.
The photo of the boy staring at the fish while his classmates were admiring their ornamental fish went viral on social media.
When contacted, the boy’s father said he misunderstood what exactly his son wanted when he asked for a fish to bring to the kindergarten.
“As I just caught the carp and I do not like its taste, I let him take it to school,” he said.
> Taiwanese singer-songwriter Harlem Yu said his wife Jinny Chang Jiaxin is three months pregnant, reported China Press.

Yu, who always tries to keep his personal life private, revealed the good news in a television show on Saturday.

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