Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cockscomb plant all the rage now

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IPOH: With its shape similar to the crest of a rooster, the aptly named cockscomb flower or Celosia Plumosa is a widely sought after decorative plant this Chinese New Year.
Known as “Kai Koong Fah” in Cantonese, that roughly translates as “rooster flower”, it is willowy and comes in vibrant colours.
Hock Loke Siew Nursery owner Low Voon Chin said the flower is popular because of its striking colours.
“The flowers come in bright yellow, pink, orange and red.
“This is also the first time we are selling these, due to inquiries and the occasion,” he said.
“It’s the Year of the Rooster. People are looking for chicken-themed items and this flower fits the bill,” he added.
Low said the flower was believed to have originated from Japan.
“There used to be a lot of them planted at homes here too. They thrive in sunny weather,” he said, adding that the flower has no fragrance and has about two weeks of vase life.
“The plant can grow to 150cm high,” he said.
Aside from the ones that look like a rooster's comb, there is another variety that looks like a brain, according to Low.
Aside from cockscomb, other popular plants for the Chinese New Year include pineapple, chrysanthemum, pussy willow and bamboo shoots.
“The cockscomb has no symbolism, apart from looking like its namesake, while pineapple and bamboo shoots signify prosperity to the Chinese,” he said.

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