Thursday, March 23, 2017

"Joy Revfa Able Give Happiness" - Hafiz Hamidun

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SHAH ALAM: A brief introduction Hafiz Hamidun with Joy Revfa not prevent them to get married next May than he thought Joy was able to bring happiness in their household later.

Obviously Hafiz, 33, he was in no hurry to make decisions concerning the contrary believe that women are able to carry out his wife as he had hoped.

"Before this I had a relationship of love for two or three years, but do not be too. But who would have thought that the new woman I know this is for my soul mate.

"I'm not denying that we are very short introduction time, but I believe we can know each other's last remaining this. After marriage shall know oneself, there is no problem," he said.

Hafiz mother of Laila Sarji the ring to the ring finger Joy Revfa.

Hafiz met at the pertungannya with Joy or Siti Arifah Amin held at The Venue Shah Alam on Wednesday.

The couple were engaged after recognizing each other about four weeks ago.

Joy, 30, who was previously married had a son named Arryan Firdaus is now three years old.

They also plan to hold a reception on July 1.

Meanwhile, asked to comment on the negative perception some quarters that Hafiz will choose the woman as the wife of its property, singer of songs divine was soon denied.

"I do not know who he was before. But thank God because he has his own business empire.

"But the shock did not say that (marriage because property) because no matter our religion for guidance on how to choose a life partner. I got to see his family, his religion, appearance and other factors.

"Somehow-somehow I also thank Joy for my property," he quipped.

Joy was accompanied by her mother, Sofia Abbas (right).

In addition to singing and songwriting, Hafiz also has his own record company, which Arteffects International and also ventured into the fashion business through brand Miraj Concept.

Besides Hafiz said he also did not mind the responsibility as the 'father of soon' which will digalasnya after marrying Joy.

"Thank God I'm having fun, I also like slaves. Previously she raise a child alone. It is also for the future of her children.

"Then there are men in the family to guide them. Although Joy is the leader in business, he still needs a head in life," he said.

Joy Hafiz and each has his own business empire.

Meanwhile, Joy told also dismissed the notion that decisions taken their brief to get engaged and married pushed the issue of wealth.

"If you want to compare with me, he had his own business empire is bigger than me.

"We both are entrepreneurs so no need arise because we want to get married because she already existing property perniagagan own. We both have its own assets," said Joy that comes from Kuantan, Pahang.

Joy light, Hafiz quiet demeanor makes him open minded to marry again after her first marriage failed almost three years ago.

"He's a very calm and loving. Hafiz very different from the other men I've ever known.

"I'm confident he can guide me and children up to heaven. I pray this relationship up to the end of our life," he said.

Lovely dais typical for engagement ceremony Hafiz and Joy.

Joy admits, she also does not mind when her personal story in the past talked back especially after his relationship with Hafiz media reported.

"I accept all criticism with a positive. I'm not surprised people what to say.

"As a businessman I have always received negative criticism will comment," he said.

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