Wednesday, February 15, 2017

‘Greenie’ actor Fattah flayed over his book

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ACTOR Fattah Amin (pic), who has been flayed for being too “green” to write a motivational book, said the critics have not understood the message.
His book of motivational quotes, 99 Kata-Kata #Qalifmoden Fattah Amin, was launched last week.
Harian Metro reported that there had been negative feedback from the social media about the book by Fattah, 27.
Apparently, the critics felt that Fattah had not contributed enough to the entertainment industry to “inspire” others.
In response, Fattah said they were merely reading the book without understanding the message and good intentions behind it.
“All the quotes in the book are relevant to my life, from the time I started out as a nobody.
“I also wanted to inspire others, especially children, to prioritise their dreams and strategies to succeed in life,” he said.
Among the quotes that came under fire was one where Fattah spoke on being able to realise his dream of driving his own car to KLCC and getting valet parking.
Fattah explained that he only meant to show that he used to be an ordinary teenager with big dreams.

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