Sunday, February 5, 2017

The selling price of 10 cents car

What say you on the issue below?

Jual kereta harga 10 sen
Senthil see the car that was donated to Rohaya when single mothers were visiting family recently

IF named, probably not many who knew before.

But for the owner of the body, J Senthil Kumar, 34, his name suddenly become the talk of the mouth after taking the decision to help a single mother with his Proton Iswara car sold at a price of 10 cents.

His actions made him the first person in the country to sell the car with the lowest prices and unreasonable.

His decision was also then be borne on the social networking site received 1,200 shares, 8,700 sign likes and 559 comments.

A proud man of Indian descent was not the story and are willing to help the needy even if different races and religions.

Senthil said everything started when he decided to sell the car in use since 14 years ago after buying a new car in 2015.

He said he then to used car sales center and asking price obtained if agreed 'push' the vehicle.

"I can not be selling any used car dealer, car begitahu that can be sold at a price of RM2,000 only. Actually I did not have the heart to sell the car because I've done a lot of studying in college again.

"So I think the best for that car free of charge to anyone who needs it," said her friend who suggested the car was handed over to a social activist before being given to those in need.


At first did not know the recipient

Analysts said the stock, he moved to contribute to a single parent family in Taman Subang Pingggiran here after knowing the background of the woman's family of social activists, Kuan Chee Heng (Mr Kuan).

He said he initially did not recognize his Proton Iswara car receiver but he never provided the story of who the recipient really need the facility.

Only then did he know the recipients met was staying with her five children in a low-cost apartment after the death of her husband about six years ago.

"Although he was a Malay but I do not care because they need help. I only know a single mother received that car when seen in the Facebook account Mr Kuan.

"Before handing over my car serviced and sending it to exchange a new battery because the recipient does not want to bother.

"For me, if the intention of trying to help do not need to see the race and religion of others ... the help given from a human to another human being," said he initially wanted to donate a car for free but has agreed to sell the car at a price of 10 cents, just as the price of a symbolic contribution.

The youngest of two siblings, said he still keeps 10 cents coins received as memories in life and happy family supported his actions.


Interested person said racism

Touching racial unity in the country, Senthil said, it is still close but sometimes occur situations that interfere and influence the people.

He said there are people interested deliberately raised the issue of racism while ordinary citizens are still kept to themselves.

For me we must change the way of thinking ... we should see other people as human beings and not representing the others.

"There are no obstacles for us to unite, the problem is there are people who like to label and a comparison of the example in the event of a negative act by an individual or the public who blame the religion he professes while he can not do that," he said.

Meanwhile, car receivers, Rohaya Md Isa, 46, said she was moved and touched to learn that there are people who want to donate a car for his family.

Although unused, the vehicle uses a cozy family to send children to school instead of to the hospital for follow-up treatment of cancer suffered.

"Before ni nak everywhere we ride motorcycles, rainy and heated ... now there is little substitutability car.

"I never knew who the contributor car, knew he was just another race ... so kind he helped our family ... thank you very much," he said.

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