Monday, March 6, 2017

Anxious python attacked 300 kilograms

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Cemas diserang ular sawa 300 kilogram
Batik python is estimated to weigh 300 kilograms and a length of about six meters.

Marang - A businessman facing palm grove seconds worrisome when bumped by python over about six meters while cleaning his garden in the village of Inglewood, here, today.

In the incident at about 11.30 am, the farm operators involved, Awang Jemahat, 40s, also fortunate in times reptile estimated to weigh about 300 kilograms try to pounce he had fled.

Awang said that once the reptile appears to be trying to pounce she spontaneously ran to a safe place while screaming for help and hope to be able to hear the screams of his son.

Upon hearing the screams Awang, his son, who was not far from the scene immediately get it later also continue to inform the Chairman of JKKK Inglewood, Marzuki Mat Zain, 56.

Marzuki before the incident with the two children were clean but the garden respect of cleaning work to be done in a separate area but still within the same palm grove.

Recalling the events continued, Marzuki said, has become routine for them to clean the oil palm plantations in the morning and will be adjacent to each other.

"I was not far from the scene remarkably surprised when informed of the incident by his son happened to Awang. I immediately get Awang who is still in a state of shock and fear.

"After that, I rushed to the scene before it learned of a huge python. I never saw a snake of that size before. Its length is approximately 20 feet ... which is about six meters long, '' he said.

After that, he said, he immediately contacted the residents and the nearby village JKKK management before some villagers rushed to the scene and managed to kill the big snake.

According to him, the decision to kill the reptile was made after taking into consideration all aspects of the safety of the population, including the mysterious disappearance of farm animals, especially cattle population dropped in the oil palm plantations.

"In recent years, the villagers often complained of the loss of livestock, especially cattle and reliable eaten by pythons may be based on the size of the reptile which can swallow a calf.

"We also took the decision because many people here are involved in the cultivation of oil palm and the reptile attacked them at risk if the animal is in a state of hunger," he said.

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