Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Will Donald Trump’s win affect Yuna’s career?

What say you on the issue below?

Yuna, who caught up with the local media at Yonder Music’s first anniversary bash recently, said the reception to her third international album, Chapters, released last May, surpassed her expectations.
“(Lead single) Crush was on the radio (in the United States) for a few months, and it was No. 3 on the Billboard Adult R&B charts for a long time, which was nice. I never had that,” offered the 30-year-old singer who has been pursuing her music career Stateside since 2011.
“Even when I’m going on tour now, I see more fans; new fans, and you can tell because when I start to play Crush, they’ll take out their phones and record it.”
Asked if she feels Donald Trump’s win in the recent US election will have an impact on her career in the future, the singer responded: “Career wise, it won’t have an effect.”
“It’s just that for me, as a human being, the way I see it, a leader of a country should be someone who encourages love and respect and equality within a society, someone who’s not racist or sexist,” she continued.
“When I first came to America five years ago, I was already prepared to face things like Islamophobia. So to me, my attitude is still the same, I need to be positive and strong for my fans.”.
The statuesque songstress serenaded fans at the event with three songs All I Do, Crush and her latest Malay-language single with SonaOne, Pulang.
She explained the message behind Pulang: “I wanted to talk about how today people chase after their careers but they forget to see their parents or spend time with their friends.”
She said its music video, which was released last week, is her second favourite one after Crush.
“The initial concept was we wanted to set the music video in outer space, like have someone who’s far away in outer space and the other person is on Earth, but there was no budget for that,” she said with a laugh.
“But we kept that space concept in the story, using beautiful images of the galaxy.”
Yuna was in Kuala Lumpur for a few days and is now on the first leg of her Asian tour, performing in Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and South Korea till mid December. She hopes to return and perform in Malaysia in March next year.

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